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26 november 2013

Hello there. I’m Alex; still flowing is my blog.

Up to this point, this blog has been a coding/design exercise for me, using octopress, which is described as a “blogging framework for hackers” [read: you need to have some basic code skillz to run a blog here… the word ‘hacker’ is thrown away so willy-nilly these days, as if anyone who knows a little html and css is a hacker… but i digress].

Having gotten my front-end practice in (the blog template’s pretty much done), I’m going to try to actually use this blog. I own the .com, github pages is awesome and free, and it’s quite easy to spin up new blog posts with octopress. So we’ll see how this goes. I’m hoping to be able to share some of the programming whatnots I discover while coding, but also to share some of my other interests…

These interests include: programming, yoga, fitness, health, politics, music, guitar, photography, film/tv, technology, literature, philosophy, etc etc etc… ! ! I’ve always felt like I’ve been a “jack of all trades, master of none” kinda dude. I’ve always been interested in things but I guess have had trouble focusing my attention on one activity for an extended period of time. At 25 years old, I think I’m ready to start focusing. Being well-rounded is admirable, but in-depth, domain-specific knowledge is also very admirable. My lack of focus has stemmed, at least in part, from my perfectionism (“I’m not as good as him/her!”), my social anxiety (“Are they going to like this?!”), and probably just a bit of good ol’ ADD (i.e. “There’s so much cool shit in the world, what should I pay attention to?”). So, I think sharing here, on the internet, will be good for me- I’ll have that level of impersonality provided by the internet, so my ego is protected, and I’ll have an online journal, which hopefully will help me to consolidate and focus my interests and efforts.

Also, here’s some cats (Bill Murray derping on the left and Ocean on the right):

BTW: do any github pages users know why serving .png works but serving .jpg does not? nevermind. it was simply .JPG vs .jpg, duh.