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05 march 2014
personal, programming

I definitely have not kept up with blogging as much as I would like. There’s simply so much other stuff to do, it’s hard to find the time to collect my thoughts into a coherent post. Despite the relative anonymity of this website, (i.e. I don’t get much traffic =D) I still find myself plagued by the desire to put out only quality content. Whatever. This is more a journal than a blog anyways.

I’ve been spending the beginning of 2014 working on a start-up (I guess right now it’s more of a project, but the goal/dream is to acquire funding and be able to work on this as a paying job!) The project is called MyGnar. It’s action sports website dedicated to mapping and sharing one’s photos/videos. We’re hoping to ride the success of the GoPro line of cameras as well as the macro trend of niche-specific social websites. I’ve been developing for about 6 weeks now. I’m working with a good groups of guys, one of whom is a friend from high school. They’re super stoked on the website and are actually really sick skiers themselves. Check out some of their media on instagram!

Things in the world continue to be insane, with the situation in Ukraine, and with Syria and Venezeula not appearing to be slowing down at all. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here considered with what programming job to take next, with how to best proceed with this action sports website. When I sit back and contemplate for a bit, life strikes me as equal parts strange and unfair. Here’s to hoping, eventually, I’ll be able to use CS to really contribute something back to the rest of the world. For now, I’m content with creating applications that enrich people’s lives, even though the scope of those people is fairly limited.